We’re not going to lie—at first the idea of composting in our own homes sounded challenging and more than a little messy. However, Lex showed us how with a little black bucket and some bokashi, anyone can do it, even if you lack outdoor space yourself. Composting is a simple way to give back to the ground, and is majorly rewarding in the sense that you see firsthand the cycle of how your scraps can turn into soil and in turn provide beautiful, organic food.



For starters, Bokashi is a special type of composting that utilizes a microorganism that breaks down the gathered food scraps. It all happens while sealed in the bucket, so it doesn’t smell either. Lex walked us through a step by step of how simple composting at home can be!


Step 1: Gather Your Scraps

This is the easy part—literally anything you’re cooking, be it plants and veggies or even meat and dairy, can go in the bucket! Depending on where you’ll be disposing of your compost, sometimes you can also include compostable napkins, plates, containers, etc.



Step 2: Sprinkle That Bokashi

As simple as it sounds—grab a loose handful of Bokashi and sprinkle it over your scraps!




Step 3: Seal the Bucket

Fasten the lid down tight, and set your bucket aside to compost! Once your bucket is full with layers of scraps and bokashi, it’s time to send all that composted goodness out into the world.



Step 4: Return It To The Ground

If you have space and property, you can bury your compost in your own yard, where eventually you can turn it into rich, healthy, usable soil. If that’s not an option for you, look into community garden and compost sites within your area, and delivering your bucket is a just a drive away!