It’s sweater weather and as an ode to some of our coziest cardigans like the Just Fur You or Snow Daze and Stay Here pullover sweater we’ve decided to deck our walls with some equally cozy curiosities.

Here’s a modern hanging how-to that will last long after the holidays. Feel free to improvise and make adjustment based on the supplies you have.

Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Varying metal hoop sizes (we used 3 sizes for ours)
  • A wooden dowel
  • 4 wooden beads

Begin by cutting pieces of yarn in equal lengths and fold in half (we used 3 pieces together). Make the yarn long enough – since you can always trim the ends if needed to your desired length.

Fasten the strips by looping the strip over, and pulling the two ends through the hole and continue pulling all the way through, until the yarn is fit to the dowel.

Continue this step, until you’ve fill the length of the dowel leaving about an inch on each side.

Using a small metal hoop, we cut single pieces of yarn and wrapped in the same method as above.

To create the proper hang, we knotted a hole to be able to affix to the wall using a nail, added 4 wooden beads for a little bit of texture and looped through the metal hoop and tyed securely on both sides.

With the remaining yarn, we fastened to either side of the wooden dowel. And just like that we made a clever wall hanging for the home.



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