On a recent Adventure Division trip to the desert of West Oz with the guys, we caught up with our girl, Laura Enever to find out about her go-tos when in need of a little downtime. Everyone has there ways to unwind + those favorite playlists that are always fnu to listen to on the road. This girl has been all over the globe so it was fun to find some of her favorites as well as travel essentials...

Here are her favorites...


Oh man, I need to go and look at my Spotify playlists. I do really love the new Arctic Monkey’s album. It’s so cool. Ocean Alley’s new album is also great. They’re local guys from home who started blowing up. They have really cool music. I also like a lot of electronic fun stuff, or golden oldies. Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. is my favorite song ever.


I loved Stranger Things. I never really watched TV that much, but when I had surgery last year I watched the two seasons in like 14 hours and loved it. It’s probably the most I’ve ever gotten into a series before. Those little kids are epic. I also got into Breaking Bad on a boat trip on the rainy days.


First thing I want to eat after a surf is some kind of mexican food. Burritos or quesadillas with sweet potato fries, I’m obsessed with those. I probably make them like four times a week.

Travel Essentials:

I’m a bit of a vitamin queen, so I always have a big bag of vitamins. I can be a bit wild at times, so I need to have a good routine in the morning when I’m traveling and they’re a big part of that. I guess also leave-in hair conditioner. My hair turns into dreadlocks if I don’t have that. I’m surprised it hasn’t already on this trip. Then, pretty much just a phone, even if you have no reception. It’s great just being able to film stuff and take photos.


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Images by: Duncan Macfarlane