We met up with our favorite hair maven and stylist, Heather Cvar to give us 3 holiday how-tos for some beautiful fuss-free holiday hair. 


According to Heather, achieving the perfectly beached look is being unafraid of a little messiness – it only makes it that much cooler. Imperfection is the perfect way to be yourself afterall, so simply embrace that effortless look. 


And the other secret ingredient to these three fuss-free looks…a little dry texture spray to give you all those gorgeous windblown beach hair vibes. Heather recommends dirty hair (the dirtier the better), while reducing some of the extra oil. Her go-to right now is the Kristin Ess Dry Finishing Texture Spray. 

  • Low Loose Beach Ponytail Use your natural hair texture. Secure a low pony at the base of your neck with an elastic. Loosely twist the pony and wrap into your desired bun shape. The key is to add the texture to the base before and then after. Pull a few pieces for a wind-swept effect. 


  • Salty Bun Using the same steps as the pony, only loosely twist the pony and wrap into your desired bun shape. The key is to add the texture to the base before and then the pony after. 


  • The Un-Perfect Wave Either use texture/salt spray and make two tight low buns and let them sit for 3-4 hours. Or you can use curling iron/wand to wrap the hair starting halfway down. Heather varied the pattern of the wave for a more natural look. 


Read our fun Q&A with Heather below… 

What are 3 tips for anyone interested in hair and makeup and becoming a stylist? 

Everyone learns differently, but I would recommend a hands-on approach. Take classes, have other people do your makeup, do makeup and hair on your friends, and on yourself. Just get in there and try anything and everything you can. Pay attention to what you like and work to emulate what you see. Also push yourself to do things you find challenging. I always drew a lot of inspiration from films and would try to replicate what I saw and eventually put my own twist on it. 


Do you have any favorite looks from the Holiday shoot? 

I really loved the low undone pony with the vintage car. That whole scene is just so amazingly classic California. The way the shot was setup and the way Ali Mitton (the photographer) captured everything reminds me of a 70s film or something. 


With the holidays on the way, what are some thing you’re most looking forward to? 

Fall is really one of my favorite seasons! I’m really looking forward to layers, wearing tights and feeling cozier weather come in. 


We hear you’re into moon cycles and tarot reading…tell us more about it all…

Yes, I am and have always been into moon cycles and tarot. A lot of the names like Blue Moon, Harvest Moon and Blood Moon actually come from the old Farmer’s Almanac as well as Native American history/practices. Moon Cycles were thought to be connected to growing crops. I use it to plant another kind of seed, like setting intentions and releasing old patterns. When we shot in Malibu, we were having a Blood Moon, total lunar eclipse which was the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. It looked very sci-fi. It was a bright reddish orange color. 

Tarot has always been just a guiding tool to understanding certain scenarios. Kind of like a little spiritual pocket therapist that just asks the right questions and gets you thinking. They can’t tell you the future, but it can help you clarify how you’d like to see the future unfold. I really enjoy anything that helps you be reflective and pay attention to the cycles of your own life and the lives around you. 


What are your favorite parts of Malibu? 

My dad was actually raised in Santa Monica and Malibu was his stomping ground as a young surfboarder in the 60s and 70s. So, I have an obvious sentiment for the westside because it has been the backdrop for a lot of my family history. 


Malibu to me feels like its own world with it’s 30s-esque beach getaway vibe, Topanga Beach where you can sun and walk across the street to get fresh fish at Reel Inn, Leo Carrillo, where you can picnic with your dog, Pointe Dume with all the dreamy cliffs and moss like Big Sur. 


How long have you been doing hair and makeup? Do you have a preference? 

I’ve been doing makeup A VERY LONG TIME. My mom claims since I was 3 when she came home to discover the golden retriever looked happier than usual and realized it was because she was wearing blue eyeshadow on her eyebrows. 


I started as an esthetician and an art school student, so my background is skincare and fine art. Makeup just came into my life and tapped me on the shoulder as my next move. I love both hair and makeup but would say makeup was my first love. 


I like hair and makeup for different reasons. Hair is like a moving sculpture. Makeup is such a personal way to enhance someone’s features. 


3 fun facts about yourself… 

I’m a seventh generation Californian 

I can pick things up with my toes

I’m fascinated by olfaction science, have the nose of a bloodhound and make fragrances in my free-time for fun