How To Style a Hoodie – Women’s Guide

How To Style a Hoodie – Women’s Guide

A hooded sweatshirt is the wardrobe staple for casual lunches, morning surf checks, or your weekly errands. The versatility of hoodies has transformed the way we look at casualwear. Read on to learn how to wear a hoodie in ways that combine comfort and style.

Casual Hoodie Outfits

Hoodie and Jeans

how to wear hoodie with jeans

A hoodie and jeans is a timeless combination. Pairing a hoodie with your comfiest pair of light-wash boyfriend jeans creates a laid-back vibe, while going for darker, more fitted jeans lets you dress up your hoodie.

Hoodie and Leggings

how to wear hoodie with leggings

Match your hoodie with leggings for a sportier edge that boasts an effortless look. Go bold and mix patterns with pastels, or choose neutrals like cream and black to give your hoodie outfit a minimalist feel.

Hoodie and Shorts

how to wear hoodie with shorts

Manage those between-season days with a hoodie and shorts. An oversized sweatshirt with biker shorts creates an athleisure look, while a cropped hoodie with cut-off jean shorts is the perfect go-to for chilly nights on the beach.

Jacket Over Hoodie

Layering is a great way to mix textures and add interest to your outfit, and there are plenty of options for doing so. Wear an oversized jacket, flannel button-up, or puffy vests over your hoodies to add extra warmth when temps drop. Going for a fitted look? Elevate your hoodie outfit with a fitted denim jacket or duster coat.

Hoodie Under T-Shirt

For cooler weather, layer your favorite vintage tee over a hoodie. The key here is to choose the right size – the most popular look is an oversized hoodie with an oversized tee. If you want to try something different, try a cropped tee over a cropped hoodie – these have a hood and long sleeves, but the body falls right above the belly button, so you can show off your shirt while staying warm.


Sporty Outfits With Women's Hoodie

Hoodie and Sweatpants

how to wear hoodie with sweats

Cozy and cute? Wear the best of both worlds. A graphic hoodie with colorful sweatpants creates the opportunity for vibrant color combos with a roomier fit than your typical gym wear.

Hoodie and Athletic Shorts

how to wear hoodie with bike shorts

Pair your favorite biker shorts with a cropped or oversized hoodie to take your look from the gym to brunch. Monochromatic color schemes or adding a neon pop can level up your hoodie fashion while still offering comfort.

How To Dress Up a Hoodie

Hoodie and Pants

Pairing your hoodie with the right pair of pants can take your hoodie outfit out of the realm of casual wear and into work or a coffee date. Wide leg pants or overalls are loose enough to keep the comfy vibe but elevated enough for a casual day in the office. Throw on jeans and strappy sandals for a night out.

Hoodie and Skirt

how to wear hoodie with a skirt

Keep it casual with an oversized hoodie and skirt outfit. Monochromatic colors are always a win, but pairing a graphic hoodie with a patterned skirt is a great way to make your casual outfit eye-catching. A cropped hoodie and bodycon skirt paired with oversized hoop earrings and sneakers adds style without skimping on comfort.

Hoodie Under Blazer

Blazers are an easy way to dress up casual outfits. Pair a boxy blazer with a hoodie, jeans, and booties to give your dinner outfit a fun twist. Traveling? Wear a casual blazer, hoodie, leggings, and sneakers for a stylish airport look.

How To Accessorize a Hoodie

shoes for hoodies

Shoe Ideas for Hoodies

Hoodie outfits are the ideal canvas for dressing up or down, depending on your shoes and accessories. Strappy sandals pair well with jeans or workout gear, while platform sneakers or chunky high-tops can enhance hoodies worn with skirts and dresses.

bags for hoodies

Bag Ideas for Hoodies

The bag you choose for your hoodie outfit can showcase your personal style. Sneakers and biker shorts call for roomy totes, waist packs worn across your chest, or mini backpacks – add some flair with colorful patterns or textures like corduroy and leather. If you want to dress up your hoodie, try a small crossbody bag in solid black or pastel shades.

Hat Ideas for Hoodies

hat idea for hoodie

Bucket hats and hoodies are a match made in heaven, but baseball hats and beanies are popular choices, too – especially when you pop your hood over them. Monochromatic color approaches or a stark contrast in patterns can add some fun to your hoodie outfit.

Jewelry Ideas for Hoodies

Hoodies have a comfy, casual style that contrasts nicely with fashion jewelry. Think gold or silver metals in the form of chunky hoop earrings, dainty rings, or stackable necklaces.

Here’s how to wear a chain with a hoodie – pull the hood over your head, then slip the chain down around the hood and push the hood down again. Enjoy a metallic pop that adds style to your athleisure wear.

styling hoodie

Additional Women’s Hoodies Styling Tips

Different Fits

There are tons of different types of hoodies to choose from. Depending on the style you’re going for, you might opt for an oversized hoodie, a tight-fitting hoodie, or a cropped hoodie.

A more fitted approach might be the right choice when layering a t-shirt or jacket, but an oversized or boxy hoodie looks good with leggings or workout wear. Play around with fits to see which style you feel best in.

Playing With Color

white hoodie womens

Monochromatic color schemes like gray on gray or outfits built on adjacent colors (yellow with orange, baby blue with lilac) can create dynamic looks that take casual hoodie fashion to the next level. Bonus points if you color match your bag and shoes, too.


Hoodies are the ultimate layering piece. Layering hoodies over t-shirts is a classic approach, but layering hoodies under an oversized t-shirt, or even a vest or zippered shell can provide a fresh look.

Textures and Patterns

graphic hoodie womens

Play around with textures and patterns to keep your look exciting. Get edgy with plaid pants and a band hoodie, or channel a softer look in a silk maxi dress under an oversized gray hoodie.

Hoodies are an iconic symbol of comfort that you can tailor to fit your personal style. Pairing your hoodie with the right pants, jacket, or accessories takes this wardrobe staple from relaxing at home to meeting your friends for brunch. This wardrobe staple will take you anywhere.