How To Choose a Bikini for a Pear Body Shape

How To Choose a Bikini for a Pear Body Shape

Q. “What’s the Best Bikini for a Pear-Shape body?” - Tayler

Our bodies are strong, beautiful, unique… the list goes on! While we don't normally use fruit as a descriptor, we know honoring your shape and feeling confident are important, and understanding your body type can give you ideas on how to enhance the features you choose. “Pear-shaped” bodies tend to have an overall curvy silhouette with proportionally wider hips. While outdated, you may also hear this body type called the “inverted triangle,” ”triangle body shape,” “pyramid,” or “A-shape” body.

Below, we answered some of the most common questions we received about "pear" body shape swimwear.

Q. “What is a Pear Body Shape?” - Anne

A “pear-shaped” or “inverted triangle” body has the following characteristics:

  • Narrower shoulders
  • Small to medium size bust
  • Wider hips and thighs
  • Curvier bum

Q. “How Do I Choose a Bikini for My Pear-Shaped Body?” - Georgina

We recommend visually balancing the upper and lower body. Pick a style that adds width and volume to your upper half with eye-catching details!

Q. “What Tips Do You Have for Choosing a Women’s Swimsuit for Pear Body Shapes?” - Skye

One-Piece Swimsuit

boat neck bikini top

For a one-piece swimsuit, consider off-the-shoulder or boat-neck styles that draw attention to the shoulder area. Extra details like vertical stripes will also help cinch the waist and visually elongate the figure.


v neck bikini top

Another style we love is the plunging V-neck with wide straps, especially ones with ruching details. This style adds volume and shape to the chest area while showing off those beautiful curves.


long sleeve womens rashguard

Gearing up for a day in the waves? Try out a rashguard top – a surfer girl classic, paired back to bikini bottoms with UV protection for those sun-filled sessions!


Pro tip: Embrace contrasting prints and color-blocking. One-piece bathing suits with a bold print or a bright color on the top and a darker color on the bottom draw attention to the upper body and create balance in your look.

Bikini Tops

bold print bikini top

Bikini tops with bold colors, prints and textures are another great way to accentuate the top half of the body. We love dramatic necklines and embellishments like frills or ruffles that add instant volume. For those with smaller chests, tops with underwire are an easy way to enhance your shape.


bandeau bikini top

Skimpy coverage: A strapless bandeau or a halter-neck top are great picks if you want to show more skin. These options have a classic fit that’s never going out of style. And – bonus! – they highlight the shoulders and collarbone beautifully.


puff sleeve bikini top

Medium-to-full coverage: A sporty bralette top with a square neckline visually broadens the shoulders and is great for more active beach days. Likewise, we love balconette bikini tops for their timeless shape and great support.

Currently trending! Off-the-shoulder tops with puff sleeves or large ruffles are a fun way to add volume up top and style to your bikini lineup.


Bikini Bottoms

When it comes to women’s bikini bottoms for “pear-shaped” bodies, you can never go wrong with a simple, solid bottom – we love a darker color that can be mixed and matched!

high leg bikini bottom

Skimpy coverage: Our favorite bronzing bottom is a skimpy V-shape bottom with a high leg rise. It cinches at the waist while elongating the legs. Win, win!


high waist bikini bottom

Medium-to-full coverage: Love a high-rise? (Silly question. Who doesn’t?) High-waisted bikini bottoms are not only supportive, but they’re also super flattering for the “pear” shaped body by highlighting the natural curve of the hips. You can utilize high-rise, high leg styles to elongate the silhouette.

Pro Tip: Try a rise that meets the smallest part of your waistline if your goal is to create a dreamy hourglass figure.


Q. ”Dos and Don’ts When Choosing a Bikini for a Pear-Shape?” - Ellen

DO: Shop for bikinis that you can buy separately. A good bikini starts with a good fit, and most of us aren’t the same size top and bottom. Need help finding your fit? Check out our Bikini Fit Guide!

DO: Find your balance. Pairing an eye-catching top with a solid bottom can unify your silhouette and harmonize your proportions – like bikini yin and yang.

DO: Play around with fabrics. Different materials will affect the fit and stretch of your bikini. It’s helpful to test out a range of options.

DON’T: Be afraid to show some skin. More fabric is not always more flattering. Choose swim styles for women that will accentuate that gorgeous figure.

DON’T: Shy away from a style you love! Nothing is off limits if it makes you feel amazing.

Follow these tips to find a swimsuit that brings out your style and makes you feel comfortable and confident, whether you’re catching rays by the pool or enjoying a summer surf session.