Who Wears the Pants?

The Billabong Jeans campaign explores the inextricable tie between human relationships and jeans. It tells an endearing love story between two pairs of jeans and the journey their destiny takes them on to find each other.

The Billabong Jeans campaign tells a universal love story with a twist from beginning to end, right from the harvesting of the cotton fields through to the factory and eventually into the hands of the two individuals who meet and reunite the jeans.

Through this metaphoric tale, the unisex denim campaign conveys that Billabong Jeans are the right match for you. Our denim is durable, flexible in any environment and the Winter 11 Range contains a style and fit designed to suit any size and character.

Whether you’re into skinny’s, bootleg, acid wash or all day comfort, Billabong has a range of denim that contains a style and fit designed to suit any size and character.

Billabong is giving away a pair of Denim's every week for the next 6 weeks. To enter, click here

Linda Jansen van Rensburg said (7 years ago)
I am looking for a pair of jeans that I could wear all seasons. Must be comfy and not too low on the hips. Want to wear it as a casual and smart outfit. I want people to look at me and say ``now that is a pair of Billabong jeans``. I want my jeans to last a lifetime and I know that Billabong does that. It should be in fashion all the time. I should weat it with boots, tekkies and even sandals!!. With t-shirts, blouses, jackets and even with my bikini top. Any coulor will do!!
Sané said (7 years ago)
a love (jean) story unfolds...
Once you get "the one" you know it is going to last a life time filled with fun, games, passion & adventures which you will be able to remeber forever as the perfect pair of billabong jean, tight but comfy, ready to snuggle in&just be yourself- not pretending,but just being YOU...the one you will want to not put in your bag going on holiday but the one you would already have on.THAT is the one i would like to have with me forever&ever. "jbay girl in billabongjean"
A7yme said (7 years ago)
When i look for a pair of jeans, i want something that has cool butt pockets and that doesnt pull up too high.. it should be able to go from the beach to a gig without a problem. when i look for jeans i look for something that will make me sigh with happiness at the way it looks on.. snug in all the right places loose.. they should look pretty weathered or washed a light colour blue with more than one button up the front..maybe skinny's that can be rolled up:)
billabong jeans would be awesome:)
Juandrè said (7 years ago)
Id describe my suitable pair of Billabong Jeans to be blue, boot legged with front and back pockets. Boot legged Billabong jeans seem to suit my life style and my physic, especially when wearing slops and bootys. I wear my jeans with pride! So yes please Id love to recieve a free pair of Billabong Jeans! Thanks and regards.
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