DOB: 1977/10/08
Hometown: Yamagata
Residence: Canada
Height: 168cm
Weight: 68kg
Stance: Goofy
Stance Width: 57cm
Angle: Left 12° RIGHT 3°
Years riding: 16 years
Years pro: 14 years

Sponsors: Billabong, Yes Snowboards, Vivo Headwear

Favourite board : YES snowboards
Favourite mountain : Whistler, Tengendai and mountains of the Tohoku in Japan
Favourite trick : Cliff jumping, riding powder.
Favourite riders : Nicolas, Gigi
Favourite food : Curry, basically I like everything
Favourite music : I like everything...
Most treasured possesion : Friends and family
Who or what inspires you? Mr. Nishigami
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Drinking with friends, hanging with my family.
What's a good friend? Generally a good person, is a good friend.
Got into snowboarding because? Growth
Best thing about being a pro snowboarder? I am able to travel, meet people and eat delicious foods.
Other interests? Skateboarding and surfing


Qualified for the Nissan X-trail .

23rd Oct 2013
DETALLES DEL EVENTO: * El concierto comienza en la Playa de Jaco a las 5:30pm el Sabado 9 de Noviembre...