Full Name: Jimmy Cao
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current Residence: Mira Mesa, CA
Sponsors: Sk8mafia, Independent, Bones, Billabong
Stance: Reg

Best Results: 91st at Tampa AM
Favorite Spot to Skate: Poway Park
Most Treasured Possession: Good Friends and Good Health
Places to Travel: Spain

What do you like doing apart from Skateboarding? Bowling, soccer
You got into skating because: it's fun

All time favorite skaters: Tom Penny, Willy Santos, Eric Koston, Javier Sarmiento

Current favorite skaters: Dennis Busenitz, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Jamie Palmore

Favorite music: Reggae, hip hop, classic rock, classical
Favorite thing about skateboarding: it's fun

Any advice: have fun

Jimmy Cao
Switch bluntslide 180 out sequence
04th Sep 2012
Billabong aprovecha la bienvenida de Pedro Carrero para hacer un video en la Ciudad de Caracas Venezuela...
15.12.10 -  Shed Shred clip
18.11.10 -  Red Does Queenstown
16.11.10 -  Red 50-50