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Gopro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

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Whether it’s handlebars, seat posts, ski poles or more (chainstays, small-diameter roll bars, bolt heads), this mount is ready. It can also be clamped to create a handheld boom. Fits 0.75” to 1.4” (19.5mm to 35.56mm) diameter tubes, or smaller tubes with the included adaptor (0.43" to 0.7" (11mm to 18mm) diameter). To nail the perfect angle, use the included 3-Way Pivot Arm with 3-way adjustability.

The nuts and bolts

  • Perfect for bicycle seat posts and handlebars, ski poles and more.

  • Fits 0.75” to 1.4” (19.5mm to 35.56mm) diameter tubes.
  • Fits smaller .43" to 0.7" (11mm to 18mm) diameter tubes with included
  • Can be clamped to a pipe or pole to create a handheld boom.
  • Easy aiming with the 3-Way Pivot Arm.
  • Mounting surface protection and enhanced stability thanks to protective
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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