Gina Faccio

Nickname: G, Gene, Ginxy, G-Girl, Ginz

Favourite spot?
I love the Vaal River- boat, glassy water, family, friends, sun- cant get better!  

Best thing about your lifestyle as a wakeboarder? I love that I have travelled the world! I have seen so many countries that I wouldn't travel to normally. Its really been amazing. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Definately still wakeboarding! I want to have a holistic centre! It will have my own Body Symmetry studio, a Bikram yoga sutdio, Health bar that only sells ra organic food and a few more! Bliss! 

Other than wakeboarding what is your next best thing? I love exercising- particularly running! And coffee.. ahh.. proper italian coffee snob! 

On a Saturday morning you can find me… if I'm not on the water, I'm hanging out with friends having a delicious brekkie somewhere nice. Love markets!

What’s your superpower? I can make 2 minutes noodles in 1 minute. 

If you found R100 on the floor, what would you do with it? Spoil someone with flowers. 

Did you have a New Year’s resolution for 2009? If so, what was it and how is it going? My new years resolutions don't last longer than a week! I try just livle the best I can everyday! 

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate, Ice-cream, muffins- actually, FOOD period!

If you could choose any 5 people (over and above your friends of course) to have at your birthday party, who would they be?
1.  Dr Demartini [human behavior specialist- he is mind- blowing]
2.  Channing Tatum
3.  Oprah

4.  Guilliana Rancic

5.  Trevor Noah

My years of retirement will be spent… hopefully enjoying the high life travelling and spending quality time with those I love.

If I had a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it would be right next to celeberties don't do it for me I'm afraid.. 

The thing that makes me is I can have a conversation with a tree- an interesting one too! (:

One thing I would never travel without is my iPad, my hair dryer [bit of a princess], sunglasses [super sensetive eyes].

My biggest achievements so far are I am 8x South African Pro Ladies Champion
6th in Open Woman at the World Champs in Italy 2011
Only South African Lady to ever be invited to the US Masters
Only South African to ever be invited on to the World Cup Circuit where only 8 woman are invited from around the world
Being awarded my South African colours 3 times 

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