Emma Smith

Nickname: Em

Favourite Spots: Seals, Magnas, Raglan, Burleigh & Chicamma

Hometown: J-bay

Best thing about your lifestyle as a surfer: I love that you're constantly in nature and aware and reminded of its beauty. I love that I get to travel the world, experience different cultures, food and people. I love the lifestyle of surfing and how we are our own little tribe.

I love that in the water no race, age or stature matter.

I love how money could never buy what I have learnt through surfing, competing and traveling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Hopefully surfing around the world and using surfing as a tool to connect and love on people, exploring my passions and using surfing as a recreational gift that brings hope and stoke to so many less fortunate people.

Other than surfing what is your next best thing: Food and health.

On a Saturday morning you can find me: in the ocean or in the kitchen.

What's your superpower: water bender.

What is your guilty pleasure: Disney movies, black coffee and food blogs.

If you could choose any 5 people ( other than & above your friends) at your bday party who would it be: Nelson Mandela, Bethany Hamilton, fat Amy, Miranda and Suzelle DIY

If I had a star on hollywood boulevard it would be right next to: to be honest I don't even know who has a star.

The things that makes me, me is that I: I am stoked on Christ, I love surfing, outdoors, adventure and absolutely anything to do with cooking and food. I have a heart for all people.

My biggest achievements so far: Represented my country at the highest level every year since 2010.

Winning every contest I surfed in 2013 and Billabong junior series winner.

BOS surfer of the contest

Two South African titles

Competing on the World Qualifying series

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