Maddie Mastro

Maddie Mastro found her footing in the snow at age two—on a pair of skis. It took a princess-pink snowboard to convince her to make the swap from two sticks to one when she turned six, and she’s been on a straight shot to the top ever since. At just 16 years old, Maddie is leading the charge for women on the halfpipe, scoring a spot on the podium at some of the country’s most prestigious competitions for the last two years, including the third-place prize at the U.S. Grand Prix of snowboarding in Mammoth. Keep an eye on her as she shakes off the rookie jitters—blink and you might just miss her become the next big thing in the sport of snowboarding.

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09th Jul 2011
Hi Girls- Well it's that time of year again. Winter is upon us and to celebrate the early snowfall...
04.02.10 one of three to win