Ashleigh Mannix

Ashleigh Mannix -

Date of Birth:
8th January 1988


Worst Habit: Eating until feeling really sick!

A few favourites:

Small and easy to ride!

I really want to go to Venice…and Hawaii is always good

Ravioli as well as tomato and cheese on jatz

She believes…
"you can do anything and if you want something really bad you’ll get it."

She’d love to go out to dinner with… Ryan Phillipe

On weekends she… "goes to the gym, watches her brother play rugby, goes to the coast and hangs with friends."

Ashleigh Mannix is on the verge of something really big...this talented singer/songwriter at only 18 has the ability to mesmerize audiences with her folk influenced songs, whisking them away with soul and melodies beyond her years.

Introduced to Billabong by her holiday home neighbour in mid 2005, Ashleigh became an instant member of the Billabong Girls team, as they were blown away by her talent and down to earth beautiful nature. She’s a wonderful role model and represents the Billabong Girls outlook - young, fun, creative and inspired, with being brought up at the beach thrown into the mix.

Having just finished year 12 in Canberra, Ashleigh has taken a year off to pursue her dream of making it in the music industry. She gigs around town and at various Billabong events throughout the year showcasing her easy-listening songbook. Having had supported Lior recently and impressing all the right people, we’re sure Ashleigh will not be undertaking her degree in Primary School teaching in the near future.

Music became a part of Ashleigh’s life, not through a passing down of interests from her parents, but because of her grade three teacher. Ashleigh, wanting to be just like her, picked up the guitar and started ploughing away at out of tune chords. Fast forward five years and Ashleigh had started writing songs, nothing too serious at that stage, but a talent discovered none the less.

Drawing musical influences from the incredible Rickie Lee Jones, Ashleigh sings about experiences and life that surrounds her, always conscious of not growing up too quickly. Her songbook comprises 14 songs with favourites being Sally Jones as it best represents her cheeky, fun personality and Blood Shot Eyes for its strong melody.

With an undoubtedly promising future ahead, Ashleigh remains humble and focused on making her move on the mainstream music scene.

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