7 Days, By Tarryn Chudleigh

7 days of food
7 days of amazing company
7 days of sun and beach
7 days of hardly any waves!

This is the longest period I have been in Cape Town since February. A month on the 20th, it’s hard to believe I’ve spent most of my year traveling up and down our coast line or internationally nonstop. Home has become a foreign country to me…so I decided to take a break and rediscover my roots.

Here is a quite diary of my last week.

Training with Heath aka Hitler of fitness

I taught a surf lesson to 7 Norwegian teenagers. What a great vibe and energy…..but after an hour and a half in the water….I was broken was ravenous!!!

Kalk Bay for lunch - calamari and chips and then a little antique shop therapy with my mommy and dear sister. I need to start practicing with my new little toy, my cannon 500D, so I conned my sister Bronwyn and our friend Lisa to be my models. We found an abandoned and broken chair and had fun with our annexed prop. We even tried to bring our new treasure home with us; it resisted being stuffed into the boot of my Toyota conquest.


Supper was an amazing cheese and wine evening full of chilled vibes with a special friend.

So I am joining the Billabong Girls Get Out There Tour this Summer as Head Surf Instructor for Surfshack my parents surf school. As part of the preparations for the tour I am qualifying as an ISA Qualified Level One Surf Instructor and am getting my first aid certificate. So I woke up very early after maybe a very late night to start the course. It was very interesting and I promise I DID not fall asleep halfway through.

But seriously I don't remember the last time I had to concentrate for so long. Tasha who was giving the lecture did a really good job and she gave us HOMEWORK!!!!

That night I got a call from Lisa Mace and Tamsyn Brown, two of my surfing friends. We decided to paint Claremont red… and green and yellow and purple and and and BUT homework came first.

The one thing I came away with that night was the realization that girls’ nights’ rock and I have some amazing friends!!

Finished the theory part of the course and onto the practical.
Had to teach a lesson to a guy that has been surfing his whole life.

He had to pretend he was a beginner, that kind of makes it hard when you try instruct him on how to jump up and he knows how to already. Ended up being a glorified swim with millions of bluebottles. Finished the level one course.

Monday:I like Mondays
Another death gym session with Heath.

Cam picked me up from Muizenberg and we headed out for an adventure over the mountain.
If you are ever in town and in the mood for either a caffeine kick or a chilled out tea session.
Do yourself a favour and visit Origin. But be careful where you park because after we tasted a couple tea's and had an in depth conversation with a tea fanatic, ready to hit Clifton in the sweltering 40 degree heat we were greeted by a smashed back car window. Cam's baggies were stolen so we visited the Billabong Store in the Waterfront and got a snazy pair of Billabong Platinum boardies.


Clifton, oh my word! Life of the rich and not so famous, this is not usually my scene. But I felt right at home in my stunning Billabong Bikini. Strange for someone who lives on the beach, this was the first time I actually was on the beach just to suntan and chill. I loved it. So many different characters cruising around, I could just sit there all day listening to the conversations drifting across the sand. The sun and sea and sand and company really made my afternoon.

But that's not all kids

Who goes to Clifton and doesn't hit half price cocktails while the sun sets on camps bay beach.

After such an unbelievable day, neither of us really felt like ending it. Dinner, Observatory, MEXICAN, PERFECT!!

Poncho's is fantastic. Brilliant staff. Brilliant nachos. Brilliant margaritas. But all special days must end.

Until the next special day starts

Sent my baby into hospital a week ago. Calm down. I know what you’re thinking. But no. My precious Macbook Pro needed some tender loving care from the wonderful technicians at Digicape. I went to pick him up in town and spent the day with mom and dad in the sweltering heat talking big plans.

Then a Macro shop. I always enjoy Macro shops. Except Tuesday was ugly and hot. Argued for about 10 min with a guy that was very obviously colour blind about a baby blue bike being green at best it could have pushed turquoise.

Hit a gym sesh at Virgin Active with Lisa Mace. 20 minutes on the stepper. Express abs class. Then a power plate class. Feels so good to be hot and sweaty with a whole bunch of friends, it’s really great to see how many young girls are making an effort to get fit and healthy.

Woke up. Cameron met me for a run. Longest run of my life. Ran from my house along the beach halfway to Noordhoek. For anyone that knows dunes and the Cape area, it is so not that easy specially in soft sand. Got home and joined dad for a quick and easy home gym session, some ab work, a little weights and a couple other random exercises. Spent the rest of the day on Clifton beach



Soaking up the sun and making my friend very late for work.

Had a Snicker on the way home

And a packet of enerjelly bears. best.

Roast chicken for dinner.


I know I said yesterday was the longest run of my life. But today I ran even further. About 6km's I think? But an awesome run along the Kom, passed the lighthouse and up into Soetwater. These names probably don't mean much to you dear readers, but please feel my pain trying to keep up to a boy with long legs when one stride compares to about 3 of my short midget strides.

Finally today I managed to get a surf in. You cannot believe the joy this produced inside my heart.

Steph Gilmore won the last WQS Of the year. And I finished off 26th

And that is with missing out on two vitally important 6 star events.

Received a mail from Saltwater Girl exciting stuff

Had a positive W.P AGM meeting.

Nominated and voted surfers rep for the new year. So excited to start helping out as much as possible and putting back into my province.


Feeling the effects of working out every day. Spent the night writing and the morning had a half jog half run and Heath visited… Heath visited yes enough said.

georgie jay said (7 years ago)
woah :) your amazing .. :) i love reading your blog, xx
Gavin Sterley said (7 years ago)
Fantastic Tarryn! Keep it up! Love, Gav
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Nov 24, 2010

Posted By Billabong