Billabong Girls Photoshoot with Tarryn Chudleigh, 22nd October 2010

Myself and Nikki (Billabong Girls Marketing Manager) decided to organise a general photoshoot for basic publicity reasons, stock photo's and blog material.
What started out as a little shoot out at Blouberg beach turned into a full scale studio shoot with Craig Kolesky, something very VERY foriegn to me.
The night before I was so unbelievably nervous, I don't see myself as model material and being quite a shy person with a very different look I was losing sleep over the fear of looking like a complete APE..

I am defiantly not the typical long blonde tanned surfer girl! But I think that is what is so cool about Billabong, the brand is not about the stereotypical beach babe, it's about being different expressing your creativity and living life the way you want to, dressing the way you feel comfortable and not the way people or industries suggest you should look , feel or act.
Back to the shoot, we met Craig and Kevin Kolesky at Vide Cafe at 7am, had a coffee and discussed the general outline for the photoshoot, which was... "a day in the life of Tarryn Chudleigh" After setting a vague outlline and deciding to just go with the flow of the studio we headed off to (cant remember the studio's name) were Kai Linder was waiting to film the events behind the scenes....

 Tarryn Tee

The first shoot of the day was my signature T, which obviously is very EXCITING and a nice way to get the ball rolling.... we shot all three colours White, Pink and Blue... the T should be out in concept stores soon and apparently you get a free matching bag, soooo do yourselves a favour (and me) and go grab your limited edition Tarryn Chudleigh tee.
After that we messed around with some props and different looks, going from a night out on the town in a pair of steamy leather shorts, a beautiful lacy top and these epic doc martin style billabong boots, all Designer Closet to rocking out on a couch in a high waisted skirt, corset style vest and a slouchie beanie playing a guitar (I do not have a musical bone in my body unfortunately).

Just Chilling  
I spent the whole morning trying on Bikini's, dresses, tees, shorts, monokini's and finding my flow in front of the camera laughing and having the biggest party with the coolest crew.
In the end I felt like a dork for being so nervous because Craig really made me feel so comfortable and he really is an amazing photographer, I hope to get another oppurtunity to shoot with him.

Hope you enjoy the clip Kai put together, and stay tuned for pictures and lots lots more!


alejandra said (7 years ago)
Woow that´s really cool, I love Billabong and love to wear it´s products! I would love to see the photo shoot you did, where can I find it? and also, I really want to be a model, specially a billabong one! can you give me some advice, and tell me were can I go so I can be chosen? please, i´m really dying to be one!!
Jo said (7 years ago)
Look at u!! Such a pro schmodel!!! Love the guitar pic with the Doc Martin style boots! Big question is - what kind of tune/racket did u strum up on that thing LOL!! Can I have a special T-shirt saved for me??
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Nov 3, 2010

Posted By Billabong