Billabong and The Landmark Foundation Launch Exclusive T’s to Create Awareness About Leopards!

The Landmark Foundation’s leopard and predator project addresses the persecution of predators and leopards in particular, by having established a leopard rescue, rehabilitation, release and research program.

We are excited about the launch of our exclusive tee-shirt range in collaboration with The Landmark Foundation. A percentage of sales will be donated to the foundation.
The money generated from this initiative will help the Landmark Foundation to continue protecting leopard and other predators outside of protected areas where they need it most. These funds will go directly to protecting livestock where leopards occur, such as sheep collars, guarding animals such Anatolian dogs and Alpacas to reduce conflict between producers and predators.
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Why Leopards?
The leopard (Panthera pardus) is a protected species. They are often the last remaining top predators in much of their range. Therefore, they play an essential role in the ecosystem and by ensuring leopards remain in the system other species from antelope to plants are automatically conserved. These animals are not restricted to protected areas as obstacles such as fences are easily crossed.

What The Landmark Foundation do:
Merely 20% of South Africa’s landscape is protected and our efforts are not limited to these fragments. We focus on establishing regional scale connectivity of leopard populations across the country by working with private landowners who make up 80% of South Africa’s land and host 80% of the countries biodiversity (animal and plant species). Here we can ensure that leopard along with other species have habitat available to ensure their survival for future generations. Our research indicates that these animals are indeed in need of conservation priority. Much of our efforts is spent on providing farmers with holistic and ethical means of reducing conflict between humans and predators. This has included the use of guard dogs and alpacas and livestock protective collars which protect livestock from predators. We have a strong advocacy campaign against lethal controls such as gin-traps which often catch all species from duiker and porcupine to jackal and leopard, as they are unselective devices. By using holistic devices mentioned above biodiversity is not threatened and economic studies have indicated dramatic success when using holistic management devices compared to lethal controls such as gin-traps and hunting. We expand habitats for predators through the establishment of private nature reserves and participating farmers.  

The Landmark Foundations main objectives:
·         Rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured species
·         Advocacy to ban gin and poison traps
·         Research into leopard ecology and management at landscape level
·         Instituting holistic management methodologies on participating farms
·         Developing a green brand and consumer awareness for you to make a difference
·         Education to youth groups regarding predators. 

By buying this garment you are helping save leopards and conserving biodiversity across the landscape, thank you.For more information visit:
Elaine said (7 years ago)
Some farmers have NO CLUE .... but thanks Billabong for supporting leopard conservation.

PLEASE CONSIDER "NATURAL/BUSH COLOURS for your tops, olive green, taupe and cream. Then I would certainly purchase a top to go with my bush trips.
Amy Smorenburg said (7 years ago)
You should let me design tops!!

Trust me :)
Tayla said (7 years ago)
This is so great! not just the tops, but also the fact that they're helping leopards! it's awesome!
Billabong Girls said (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for your support and kind words.
Mornay Eyre said (8 years ago)
This initiative will save Leopards and other species under threat just by the awareness that you're creating, welldone!
I hope that other coorporate's will follow in Billabongs foot steps,
keith said (8 years ago)
would be excellent in a stone colored shirt too

leopards are cool critters

still have to see one in the wild - found plenty spoor in the Uitenhage area
Silvia said (8 years ago)
It is cool seeing the private sector supporting conservation initiatives. I am very kind to buy my products when they have an added contribution to protect nature and help people. Well done Billabong!
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Jun 29, 2010

Posted By Billabong