In My Wildest Jeans I Would...

In My Wildest Jeans I Would...

Share your wildest jeans experience with us and stand a chance to win a pair from the latest Billabong Denim Range!

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The following terms and conditions apply:
1) The competition ends on the 31 May 2010.
2) Billabong reserves the right to select the winner and the judges decision is final.
3) The prize is not exchangable for cash.
4) The competition excludes GSM employees and family.

Tayla said (8 years ago)
haha. awesome stuff! in my wildest jeans i would. . . . . . hmmmm . . . . . . go bunjy-jumping, sky-diving, snorkeling in the Bahamas, meet Hilay Duff (she's my role model), show my talent and dance and act on a huge stage, go to Paris, magically grow a pair of wings and fly to the moon (hehe), save as many animals as possible and SO much more!!!! :~)
Becky Chesson said (8 years ago)
Across the oceans blue, land of green and sandy beaches do I trully feel free with my favorite pair of jeans. Oh how jeans feel the since of freedom and the true natural beauty within!!! In my wildest jeans I would swim the waters, lay amongst the grain and roll around in the grass.... jeans are my real love, trully a fantasy!
Roxanne said (8 years ago)
In my WILDEST JEANS i the oceans! exploring life..Surfing my heart out..Have fun, do the most EXTREME sports, sleep on the beach..wake up and do it ALL over AGAIN
Susan said (8 years ago)
In my wildest JEANS.......
Susan said (8 years ago)
In my wildest dreams, I would live in a giant treehouse inhabited by exotic butterflies and lit at night by bioluminescent mushrooms and fireflies. I would hand glide over waterfalls and swim with dolphins and have large lawn parties at the base of the tree.
Zandra melville said (8 years ago)
love, learn, lead and plant trees. ultimately- to be an asset to our mother earth rather than an insect and to teach others to do so aswell would be my dream In my wildest Jean's
Hlompho Shale said (8 years ago)
in my wildest jeans i would paint the town RED! show everybody that "TODAY I'M WEARING MY WILDEST JEANS,CHECK ME OUT!!!!"
Raye Cullingworth said (8 years ago)
In my wildest jeans I would forget all responsibilities. I would start with cocktails with my girls, followed by catching up with my favorite band... maybe even attempting to follow them home. We would party all weekend, eating 24 hour kind of cuisine and drinking tequila sunrises while watching the actual sun rise and set again. And by the time Monday comes, it would be time to pack the wild jeans away... until next weekend!
lerato said (8 years ago)
in my wildest jeans i would spend a month with the legendary Micheal Jackson, learning how to do the moon walk and touring with him before he died. i would get a week with Rihanna and go to the same salon as her to get one of her hairstyles and be featured in one of her songs, i would learn how to dance like Beyonce be successful and a billionaire and donate money to the red cross and Haiti and maybe travel the world. so in my wildest jeans i would become famous and a success.
Christine said (8 years ago)
in my wildest jeans i would:

stop time and hide everyone (in the world's) right shoe in the same place so there would be an epidemic and be the one to solve the mystery (and get all the glory and praise) =)
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May 17, 2010

Posted By Billabong