Billabong Girls Get Out There - Episode 3 - 18th March on MNET VUZU, channel 123 on DSTV, at 7pm
Episode 3: In Episode 2 the ambassadors had their first surf lesson with moderate success. Amy and Chanel mounted a plot to liberate some flamingo garden ornaments for the road trip, unfortunately security did not agree with their plan and foiled their first attempt. The girls are getting to know each other better, though Tarryn's absence due to her competition schedule means her interaction with the group has been sporadic and her unfamiliarity with the ambassadors intimidates them.bird
Episode 3 begins with a second attempt to liberate the flamingos, this time the pair are rescued and join the pink bus tour as it makes it way along the coast towards Umhlanga. The girls are able to explore their naughty nature while on tour, whether its chalking messages on sidewalks, playing pranks or just instigating mischief. Adele seems particularly apt at stirring up mischief.Tarryn has made the Under 20 and the Open Women's Finals in her competition and Chanel and Morag sneak off to support her. Each competition is a step towards Tarryn's dreams and her disappointing result upsets her. She's glad to have Morag and Chanel there for support. The bus moves on towards Margate, pausing for a hilltop sunset. The group vibe is definitely easier now, with Tarryn perking up and attempting a sunset bush dive, unfortunately missing the bush, and Tanya taking her first bush pee, which she's delighted with. Day 9 finds the girls in Margate on a rainy morning, discovering a magnificent secluded waterfall, its thunderous presence instilling calm reflection and putting life into tranquil perspective. Back in Margate it’s not an ideal beach day, though the girls are still keen to make the most of the chance to surf, while Chanel and Adele sneak off to Pleasure Centre to ride the carousels and super tubes.
The girls and 2 flamingos move on towards the Transkei, pulling up alongside a pine forest. Determined to live every moment the girls charge into the misty forest, climbing trees and hiding in the eerie calm of the quiet forest before screaming at the top of their lungs. Their energy not exhausted Adele and Tarryn then decide to charge a herd of cows.

flowers & cows

As the sun begins to dip on the horizon the bus pulls into the Transkei, giving the girls just enough time to appreciate the simplicity of subsistence life in the Transkei and the principals behind society's definition of wealth.
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Natalie said (7 years ago)
It really suxx that it's over.... where can I get a copy of it or sumthing?
keamo nkwane said (7 years ago)
oh gosh!!! i loved this reality show soooooo much! so sad its over!
thanks for tha awesome show you guys:)
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Mar 16, 2010

Posted By Billabong