Jamie Anderson makes Dew Tour history & wins the Dew Cup
girlsThe conclusion of the Dew Tour marks the second consecutive event of Jamie and Jenny slope domination. This time, Jamie Anderson is #1 and Jenny Jones #2. (X Games marks Silver & Gold).

The Dew Tour Vermont presented a massive course. The stakes were high as any one of three girls were in contention for the Dew Cup.

Our own Jamie Anderson gave herself an early lead, landing a clean first run scoring a 90.00.  X Games Gold slopestyle winner, Jenny Jones (Billabong UK) moved into second place with a 83.75 scoring run. She landed a cab 3, backside 3 and frontside 7.  All three Dew Cup contenders still posed a threat sitting respectfully in first, second, and third.

So Jamie set out to wow us. She threw one of the best female slopestyle runs in Dew Tour history, scoring a record-breaking 96.25. Not only was she tailpressing and completing picture perfect boardslides and front boards on the rails, but her jumps really set her above the field. Jamie landed a giant switch backside 540, and continued on to a frontside 720, lofty backside 180 combo. She stole the show and took the 2010 Dew Cup.

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Feb 5, 2010

Posted By Billabong