Getting to know Billabong wake team rider, Gina Faccio

Who is Gina Faccio?  I am a 21 year old South African wake boarder. I am in my final year of civil engineering and have plans to travel the world next year and wakeboard all year round.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? For a holiday, definitely somewhere like Zanzibar cause the beaches are AMAZING but otherwise I love SA and definitely think it’s the place to be!!!

Why do you love wakeboarding? Wakeboarding gives me such an adrenaline rush. There is nothing more exciting and thrilling than flying through the air. The sound of the water when my board hits it after landing a big trick is indescribable.

Tell us something people don’t know about you…  I am actually a sissy and am extremely scared to try new tricks on the wakeboard. I can’t even explain how much petrol I have used being towed and not trying anything because I have to psyche myself up to do the trick. But shhhh ;)

What is your favourite food? I loovvvvvvvve GLOBAL WRAPPS!! Chicken Avo Club Wrap!! Mmmmmm!

How old were you when you 1st wake boarded? I was 12 but I’ve been skiing since I was 6.

What is your best wake boarding moment? Winning the EAME (European, African, and Middle East) Championships and as a result been invited to compete in the US Masters!! AMAZING feeling of achieving a goal!

What is your scariest wake boarding moment? I must say learning and trying a raily (superman) for the first time! I was poop scared!!!

What makes you smile? I love being with my family and my friends. Being surrounded by positive people and seeing people I look up to influence my life in such a great way!

What’s your favourite magazine? Umm, I don’t really read magazines. Honestly I don’t have time, I can tell you about my textbooks?! Haha!

What‘s your favourite movie that you can watch over and over again? My favourite movie of ALL time is ‘Never Back Down’. I love movies where an underdog makes a commitment to himself and sets a goal and does everything in his power to achieve his goal!! This inspires me and motivates me! I feel really pumped up after this movie!

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?  Oprah because she is super influential in many people’s lives.

Dogs or Cats? And why? Dogs for sure! Cats just freak me out! End of story!

Chocolate or Vanilla? And why? Chocolate and Vanilla swirl! I am a major sweet freak!! I will eat anything that has copious amounts of sugar in!

Winter or Summer? And why? Summer!! I hate being cold! If we had snow in jhb then being cold would be worth it, but it’s pretty useless without! Summer also just makes people like me a lot happier J

Hugs or Kisses? And why? Both but I do love the warmth of another body near mine. I feel very safe when hugged by someone close to me!





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Mar 1, 2011

Posted By Billabong