Holly-sue Coffey

Holly-Sue is the younger sister of ripper Ellie-Jean and is set to follow in her big sister's footsteps. You can bet Holly will be the first one out and the last one in, she is a true surf stoked grommie.

Hailing from a family of surfers, Holly-Sue has seen more of Australia then many of us ever dream too, not to mentioned surfed the best waves our country has to offer. Holly has the luxury of doing her school work around the waves, allowing her to surf when the waves are good and hit the books when it's flat.

5 minutes with Holly-Sue...

DOB: 24.2.1998

Sponsors: Billabong, Brandon Boards, Braking Wax

Board Manufacturer: Brandon McDonald

What is your favourite thing about surfing? I love sufing with my Dad and Mum and my brother and sisters, surfing with my family is so much fun. I also love surfing with my friends, especially on a sunny day!

Which surfer inspires you the most? My sister Ellie-Jean and brother Jackson

When I was a child I wanted to be... a soccer star

Favourite wave? Snapper and Crescent Head Point.

Describe your past 12 months in 3 words... travlleing, surfing, schoolwork.

Where's the most interesting place you have been? When we travelled around Australia, we stayed at the Red Bluff in WA for a month, it was so amazing, the surf and all the marine life. One day we saw sharks chasing sardines near the shore then the sardines beached themselves to get away from the sharks and then the shakrs beached themselves to eat the sardines, then they wiggled back into the ocean. We collected some of the beached sardines in a bucket and fried them up for dinner.

What are your obbessions outside of surfing? Rididn my skateboard, riding my bike, playing the Wii, listening to my ipod and playing chess.

Best invention: Surfboard

Before I die I want to... Get a dog

My greatest achievement... being the U/14 North Coast Regional Champion for 2009

My greatest fear... sharks!

Not many people know this about me but... Since I was eight I have travelled and homeschooled all around Australia...

My Philosophy is... Have fun and aim for the stars!



1st ASR Australian Junior Surfing Titles

2nd NSW State Titles, Foster, U/14
1st NSW North Coast Regional Titles, U/14

1st Bartons Blast Off, U/10
2nd Rip Curl Gromsearch, U/12
2nd Wahu Gold Coast, U/12
2nd Ocean and Earth, U/12
5th Rusty Gromsearch U/12

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