Yasnyiar ‘Bonne’ Gea is one of the most humble, and also the toughest female surfer in Indonesia. Hailing from Nias, she conquered the stiff competitions of Bali surfing. But wait – when you are the Indonesian Women’s Champion 3 years in a row, can you still call it conquered? Nah, she OWNS Indonesian ladies surfing circuit.

How did you first started surfing?
I started late actually, around 20/21 years old. And that’s just because of my peers.

Who taught you?
Nobody. I’m self-taught.

Then how was it you became pro?
I visited Bali, also with my friends. That was 2004 I believe. I compete in contests regularly, winning regularly also. Then I decided to stay in Bali. My parents were against it at first. But I didn’t care and finally they support me hehehe.

If you weren’t a surfer, what would you be?
Probably I work in a hotel somewhere. That was what I go to school for.

Most memorable surf trip?
Mentawai. I was there for a month. Lights were on for only an hour a day. Nobody sells food so I had to cook myself, and no inns so I stayed with the locals there. But it was so much fun, I borrowed a friend’s boat and go island hopping. Waves are always perfect there, never flat.

Do you have a message for future surfer girls?
Just, don’t give up. I know how the situation of Indonesian surfing right now where male dominates. You can see it from the number of contests, the number of contestants and the amount of prizes we won. But that’s okay, keep on going keep on surfing because we are the ones that’s going to change the world.

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