Silvana Lima, Cave of Coins


After the contest I had two more days to wait for my flight to Brazil.  I went on Google to search for something to do and I discovered a little town called Batalha, where there was a cave called the Gruta da Moeda (Cave of Coins). It had this name because many years ago a very wealthy man was walking through the woods with a bag full of coins and some robbers killed him to steal coins and threw his body in a hole ... Some years later, in 1971 police found body parts in a hole and decided to look more and a beautiful cave was found.  Researchers and students spent three years cleaning and preparing the cave for tours, and so people could visit the Cave of Coins.  Batalha is 1:30 min from Lisbon, is very beautiful and there is a great peace within it, loved it!

People say that throwing coins into the small lake of pristine waters brings good luck ...
I threw all my coins in!  Hahaha

Pictures from the caves:




Silvana Lima is currently ranked #4 in world. She is on her way to Peru to compete for the Brazil team at the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games. 

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