Salina Cruz travel diary by Billabong surfer, Courtney Conlogue & video edited by friend, Dillon Chang.

I ventured on this trip in search of serenity. The moment i set foot on the plane, the competition and training stayed in LA. I wanted to enjoy the whole reason i started surfing from it's purest form. While on the trip, I was given the nickname 'Aquabat' because I would be in the water as long as i could. I went on this trip with my brother, my shaper (Tim Stamps) and a friend. Every morning we woke up with the sun, searching for a new adventure. by the end of the trip we all voted to make this a tradition. A trip where you surf, laugh, eat great food and have a lot of fun.

Salina Cruz Tips:

• Stay at Las Palmeras Surf - ask for David, he's the man!
• Have sunscreen on 24/7
• Don't forget your sunglasses
• Get lost in the moment

Salt farm

Capturing a cool moment, a local cruising through the salt farm.

Overlooking the bay

Overlooking the bay at Conejo point.

With the brothers

From left to right: my brother Ryan, me and my friend Dillon who was the magic behind the camera.

Courtney versus spongebob

Trying to have more fun than Mr. Spongebob.

Courtney and her brother

Me and my brother at the top of Conejo on our last afternoon watching a crazy lightning storm roll in.


The banana man! Surprised no minions are taking him out for that truck! ;)









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Nov 7, 2013

Posted By Courtney Conlogue