I love impromptu trips! Checking for cheap flights to random places is always the usual. Then I came across a super good deal to Jakarta and realised how much I missed Batukaras. The community, the waves and food! So I bought that ticket, and in a couple of days I was on a plane heading to Jakarta with my cousin, Ezzul. ;)

Batukaras is accessible from Jakarta but the route is much longer than from Bandung. But I was up for an adventure; new sights, smell and experience never fail to give me good vibes.

When we got to Jakarta, we asked our way around until we got to Batukaras. We took public buses and had done a couple of transits just to get to our final destination fast. Along the way, we met so many people. One last stop before we get to Batukaras was a stop that I will remember. Tasik Malaya.

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We were stopped by the road to catch the last bus that was already on its way. When we got there, the locals were so welcoming and they offered us coffee. I lashed out my DSLR to film and take photos of the people and the interesting roadside. My camera intrigued them as they've seen nothing like it before. In fact, no tourists have gone down to their place before. So I took lots of photos and videos and showed them the stuff I took. They were fascinated. We took more photos and they sang for us. Haha! When the bus came, the locals helped us with our surfboards and we were off to our destination.

I reunited with friends I met on my last trip and had a long chat, surfed and just had fun in the water. The surf was a lot more bigger than the last time I was there so I had an awesome time. I also managed to squeeze in some time for a shoot in my Billabong apparel. So much fun! x



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Oct 9, 2013

Posted By Billabong