Ili Lim Triumphs At Flowhouse Bangkok Despite A Dislocated Knee

Back in May, I travelled to Bangkok to take part in the Flow Fest 2013 competition hosted by Flow House Bangkok. As with every trip to Bangkok, you can imagine I had a blast. Good food, good company and good times with some of the best flow riders around! There were a good number of competitors who flew in from the region and US. To name a few, America's Nick Nguyen, Flying Frenchman's Gillian, Surf House Phuket's crew, Nuke Optic's Faddy Furreal, Australia's Prin and Malaysia's Nazri were there to compete.

Nick Nguyen is one of the top Bodyboarder in the world. He was flown in to Asia for the competition and to do flow clinics in Phuket and Singapore.

When in Thailand, you just can’t help but indulge in good local Thai food. My favourites include Mango Sticky Rice, Tom Yum and Pad Thai. Super yum!!!

I only had two days to get used to the Flowrider. The Flowrider in Bangkok is a lot faster and steeper than the one back in Singapore, so it took me at least two sessions to get used to it.

My first day in Bangkok was more chilled and laid back. Spending some time getting to know the place and people around. It's always great to see how the sport has grown in just a short period of time.



I had planned to do some intense riding the next day. I was up early and was eager to go on the ride. Right after my first hour, the worst thing happened. I twisted my right knee bad. I took it easy and R-I-C-E it. (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevate). I ended up resting the whole day, hoping it’d get better.



The day of competition was kind of intense because my knee was very swollen. However, I managed to pull through and came in…FIRST! WOO!!




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Jun 17, 2013

Posted By Billabong