5 Minutes With Ili Lim

Ili Lim is a pint-sized firecracker who has came, conquered and is ready to propel the world of Flowboarding to new heights. But just before she gets to new career trajectories, Billabong got to know the 22 year old a little better with these light-hearted questions...


I picked Flowboarding through...
a friend whilst applying for a job at Wave House Sentosa, Singapore.


My secret training regime consist of...
investing in a 40ft trampoline.


Besides being a flowboarder..
I’m also a Producer at a Photography/Production studio.


My most memorable accomplishment as an athlete...
was winning the Overall Female World Title in 2010. It was my first international competition and I was against top female riders from US, South Africa, Dubai and Chile. To be able to ride with the best from those countries was an experience for me.


My role model in life...
is undoubtedly my single-mom. She has inspired me to work hard and give the best in everything I do.


The weirdest thing I've ever eaten..
is goat’s tongue, and I hated it!


In my next life…
I would want to be an eagle, because they look so carefree and at peace when they are soaring the skies.


The one thing I'd like to do at least once during my lifetime…
is to travel to the rural parts of Africa, stay a day or two and just appreciate everything the world has to offer.

Image courtesy of Egg Productions

Image courtesy of Egg Productions


Image courtesy of David Ngiam

Image courtesy of David Ngiam


Image courtesy of Leanna C

Image courtesy of Leanna C


Image courtesy of The Flying Frenchmen

Image courtesy of flying frenchmen


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Aug 3, 2012

Posted By Billabong