Billabong's Pro Flow Border Back In Action

Find out first hand experience from Billabong's first Pro Flow Boarder, Ili Lim about her absence from the flow scene!

"I was stoked to get back in the water after 2 crazy months. It was a mixed feeling for me after the injury. I was excited and scared at the same time. There was certainly a degree of phobia to flow again however, after a few encouragements from my riding buddies, I could ride fearlessly again.

And so, I began to train for the next competition which was in 3 months to come.

So December came and I was super nervous on the day of the competition. B.Y.O.B(Bring your own Board/Bike) was a massive event. There was a handful of other sports competition happening in Wave House Sentosa. Other than flowriding, there were skateboarding, BMX freestyle, wakesurfing and stand up paddle.

There were Strapless and Strapped divisions in the standup Flowriding Competition and both divisions are open div. I got kicked out by the guys in the strapless cat in the semi-finals and got 3rd for the Strapped Div. It felt great to be competing against the guys once more.

The end of B.Y.O.B marked the starting of the ASC Awards 2011. I was stoked to see pro surfers around WaveHouse Sentosa. Here are some photos of me and fellow Billabong riders!

May 2012 be amazing crazy for all of us! Cheerios!"



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Jan 20, 2012

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