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Customer Service Billabong Crew


How do I sign in?

If the user name and password you’ve used in the past is no longer working, you may need to create a new account. We apologize for the inconvenience. We recently gave our site an exciting new look and behind-the-scenes overhaul. We hope you like it!

Why is my personal information no longer in My Account?

We recently gave our site an exciting new look and behind-the-scenes overhaul. We hope you like it! If you created an account with us October 9, 2018 or earlier, you will need to create a brand new account. Your new account will not have the information you had stored in your old account. We apologize for the inconvenience. However your new account will offer many new benefits like points for purchases, exclusive perks, and rewards. Please contact customer service if you need any assistance with your new account.

What is the Billabong Crew?

The Billabong Crew is our free loyalty program that offer points for all your purchases, rewards and benefits.

How do I join?

All you need to do is create an account - you will instantly receive 100 points just for joining.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include a $15 reward for every 200 points you earn and a variety of exclusive benefits.

How do I earn points?

You earn one point for every one dollar you spend. As soon as your Billabong Crew account holds 200 points, a reward will be created. You will receive an email advising you that a reward is available in your account. Alternatively, you can log into your My Account and your available rewards will be listed on the Billabong Crew Rewards page.

Do Billabong Crew rewards and benefits expire?

A $15 reward is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued. Additional Billabong Crew benefits like welcome, birthday and anniversary discounts are valid for 30 days from the date they are issued. You can view all of your available rewards and benefits on the Billabong Crew Rewards page of My Account.

What happens if I return an item?

If you received points when you purchased the item, then those points will be removed from your account when the return is processed. If no points were earned on the purchase of the item, then no points will be removed.

How do I reach the next level of the Billabong Crew program?

Member status is awarded based on point accumulation over a rolling 12 month period.

• Bronze Members: accumulate 0 - 499 loyalty points within a rolling 12 month period.

• Silver Members: accumulate 500 - 999 loyalty points within a rolling 12 month period.

• Gold Members: accumulate 1,000 or more loyalty points within a rolling 12 month period.

Where can I see my points, rewards and benefits?

You can view your points, rewards and benefits any time by logging in to your Account and visiting the Billabong Crew Rewards page.

My purchase doesn’t appear in my points balance, what should I do?

Points awarded for your purchases will appear in your account within 48 hours, as long as you logged in to your account in checkout. If you were not logged in, you will not receive points for your purchase.

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