Have you ever walked into someone’s living space and completely (but ever-so-cooly) freaked out in utter jealousy? Well, we sure have, and it recently happened in every place in Bali. Open floor plans give way to minimalistic Balinese details and gorgeous, bold tapestries. Lush green plants are everywhere - no joke, everywhere - and produce a bright, welcoming, and vibrant vibe. Large windows and open doors create a cross breeze as the room’s delicate curtains dance in the island wind. Baskets and wall weavings add texture to the white walls and hardwood floors. Everything was so effortlessly artistic yet relaxed that we breakdown how to bring home the warm Bali vibes and create our own surf sanctuary. Check out my tips below:

- Plants, plants, and more plants. Simply put, you can never have too much greenery. Not only does having plants in your home purify your air, it creates a fresh, living and mentally beneficial atmosphere. Go ahead, hang them from your ceiling and put them in unexpected places like your bathroom and kitchen. Build shelves exclusively for plants and keep variety in mind - buy tall plants, small herbs, vines, and cacti. The more the better!!

- Use straw baskets. Gorgeous weaved baskets serve as wonderful pots for plants and organizers for items such as magazines and records. For a cool plant look, insert your potted plant right into a slightly bigger basket. Voila. No repotting necessary!

- Swap colored linens for white. White linens create a fresh and light beach vibe. But keep pops of color throughout your house.

- Never underestimate the small details. The details (like cabinet knobs, incense holders, tiles and wall hooks) of your home is what makes your space your own personal haven. Begin collecting trinkets like rocks, seashells, magnets, and coasters during your travels to bring back home to create a personal vibe.

- Mirrors are your friend. If you are anything like us, you wish your home or apartment was just a little bit larger. This is when mirrors come in handy. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space so anchor them on walls and place larger and taller mirrors on the ground, resting on the wall, long side up. Add some plants to the mix and all of a sudden - with the help of mirror magic - the plant count has doubled!!

- Invest in quality rugs. Rugs give your home a cozy and warm vibe so keep your eyes peeled for colors, shapes, and sizes that fit your home. Play around with placement and try layering rugs on top of each other to create a funkier feel.

- Don’t forget about the outdoors. Every surf shack needs a killer outdoor space. Whether you have ocean front property or a four foot balcony, your space should reflect the vibe of your home. Outdoor rugs, pillows and vintage furniture and accessories add a cozy feel, while plants provide a bright and fresh aura. Hang plants and flowers from high places to create height, and string lights for a romantic and comfy mood. If you have the space, consider a raised garden or hang old surfboards as art.