Kerry O.K. is the latest frolicking, low-fi, anti-shred, surf mischief from our favourite bowl cut in pistachio neoprene Jaleesa Vincent. Filmed over two weeks on the velveteen points of New Zealand’s North Island, the clip smacks of fun for fun’s sake, art for art’s sake and is punctuated by stylish high lines, smooth down carves, the odd tail drift and no shortage of Jelly Bean magic.

It’s been a prolific month for the 20-year-old Sunny Coaster, having dropped an arthouse clanger with Californian based creatives Patti People as well as participating in two Mentawaii boat trips alongside Creed McTaggart and Noa Deane to name a few. So why the need to release a cruisy digital sojourn in cold water lefts?

“Well first of all I just always wanted to surf Raglan,” says Jaleesa. “The trip was a good old fashioned roadie with Lachie (boyfriend), Luka (filmer) and Jake (older bro). I was so keen to surf some left points and New Zealand has sick ones we saw a swell hitting it and just thought let’s do it! Second to that… I just want to make stuff.”

And why not? Women’s surf clips don’t drop with the same consistency nor creative variation as the fellas, so there’s no harm in getting stuff out there more often than not. Says JB, “Every day someone is releasing something new and inspiring to watch and I want to do the same. I mean, eventually I’d like to work to something more substantial, like a movie or a clip that’s got a year’s worth of my best waves and stuff like that, but for now if I’m having fun surfing with my friends and making music and doing little animations, well that’s something I enjoy doing and sharing.”

Asked about her highlights in the making of Kerry O.K. Jaleesa pinpoints two. “My first wave was my favourite wave of the trip for sure. I was losing my mind on how long you could surf on one long line of swell. I didn’t care to do anything on it and in the end I had to remind myself to surf because I was just enjoying standing there and trimming so much.”


“My other highlight of the trip came during the drive from Gizzy to Raglan. We stopped at some random bar to stay the night and it happened to have a Karaoke machine in full swing (a clue to the abstract title of the clip perhaps?). Luka and Lachie jumped up and sang Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britany Spears but it was the locals ruling it with Elvis and Roy Orbison covers. I could see myself moving to that town one day. I loved it.”

Adorable froth from a young woman with life on the go. Dunno about you guys, but we’re looking forward to the next Jelly Bean drop already.

Words by Vaughan Blakey