Sun Struck Stripes. A playful nod to retro days with a golden state color palette. These lines are a thing of beauty and needed to be shot somewhere sunny. Get inspired by the gorgeous Casa Impala. 


Set in the backdrop on the little island of Isla Holbox, Mexico, exists a sun-bleached hideaway perfectly furnished with a collection of artifacts from all over the world carefully curated by its owner and our new best friend, Marco Badalian. As a creative photographer capturing architecture and famed interiors from around the world, it’s easy to see where his penchant for interior-styling perfection may have been derived from. Nothing overdone, but everything flexible, and easy – just how any tropical getaway ought to be. 


Somewhat unassuming from the exterior, along its concrete façade a large-scale mural marking the entry of this three-story dream house. And dream is not an understatement, especially for any beach-loving babe looking for a place to catch a breeze near the beach. Chalked full of muted textiles from travels to Morocco and an art-studio littered with paintbrushes overlooking a lush garden with palms and a small pond, complete with outdoor shower and half-covered outdoor living space, this felt like our home away from home, so we settled right in. Thank you to Marco for making us feel right at home. 


An artistic enclave of its own right, we’ll have more about the island getaway of Isla Holbox, Mexico coming soon.