West Java. Batu Karas. A longboarders paradise. 
Think about long long rights; that’s what Batu Karas is made of. Almost like The Pass of Indonesia.  I have been dreaming of doing a trip there for years and we almost made it happen a few years back but the pandemic had other plans. Fast forward, over two years later and we made this mission come to life in May of 2022. Just coming out of season there, we managed to see a swell and go for this dream trip. 

This is one of the magic places that you really get mesmerized by. Maybe it’s so special because it’s not all that easy to get to. If you’re planning on going, especially with longboards, get ready for up to 12 hours over night in a car. 

We arrived in the early afternoon on a beautiful day! Quite tired after over 35 hours of traveling, we expected to arrive at the beautiful “House of Sawah” and spend the day resting. Although, that did not happen. We drove to the ocean and had a glimpse of the waves; It was small, clean, and had the most perfect right rolling through. It’s hard to rest when you have arrived at a place you have only dreamt of going, so we spent a few hours surfing, filming and meeting some of the greatest people. 

Not only is Batu Karas one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, filled with blue ocean, never ending waves, and lush green jungle, the people is what makes it even more special. Their warm welcome and friendly smile is one that makes your heart sing. For the week we were there, we were always accompanied by our new friends. Especially Tedi and Adam. The locals are extremely gifted in their surfing ability. It was so inspiring for me, and so amazing to see local girls and women getting out there too. 

During the fuller tide, we would be surfing the reef, and lower tide we would go to the point. In between all the surfing and laughs, we’d have some amazing food at the local spots and at House of Sawah, where we stayed. West Java, has exceeded all my expectations. It’s lively, yet calming. I love it there. To be able to travel, surf and meet some amazing people makes me whole heartedly happy and I feel incredibly grateful for these opportunities. To see the world, to see different cultures, and to do what you love is otherworldly. 

Forever grateful for the trip to BK.

Love Josie x