Billabong Women’s surfers are some of the most fit women in the game. Learn from the best, as Felicity Palmateer shows us her pre (surf), during and post workout routine. 


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As a big wave surfer from Western Australia, Felicity is constantly pushing her body and athleticism to new limits. Before any surf session (and after), taking care of her body are always top priority to keep her body and mind feeling healthy and happy. More often than not, you’ll see Flick taking her routine outdoors. Read below on her full workout routine…


Flick’s Workout Routine: 

2-3 rounds // core

  • Side dips with hand on hip (10 reps) 
  • Side dips with arms raised (10 reps) 
  • Side overs with extra twist (20 reps) 


  • Pulse Ups (20 reps) 
  • Bicycle Crunches (20 reps) 
  • Russian Twist (20 reps) 
  • Leg raise with pulse (20 reps) 
  • Single leg raise with arm crossover (10 each side) 
  • Plank dips (20 reps) 

2-3 rounds // booty 

  • Donkey kick (20 each leg) 
  • Dog peeing on a tree (20 each leg) 
  • Squat walk with pulse (10 steps with 5 pulses) 
  • Jumping squat (20 reps) 
  • Side lunge (10 each leg) 

Find out what she does post workout below…


Flick’s Post smoothie 

What you’ll need: 

1 frozen banana 


Coconut water

Coconut yogurt 

Vanilla lean protein 

1 teaspoon Raw cacao 

1 teaspoon cacao nibs 

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