Let’s face it, bikini shopping isn’t always about finding the perfect suit to tan, swim in or surf in. The fit is what makes us love our suits and feel confident in our own bodies.

The great part is, we’re pretty confident we have a perfect suit to fit you, and we’re going to make it even easier for you to find one (or two) by breaking them down and helping uncover the best bottom for your bum.

Let’s just say, we’re getting to the bottom of your best bikini fit; a little back to the basics if you will, both literally and figuratively….After all, this is a #aBikiniKindaLife – something we know a thing or two about!

We have a total of 6 swim bottom fits to choose from…in a range of coverages from barely there, moderate, to full coverage…and we’ll ‘cover’ it all…

Now we’ll break them down fit by fit, providing a little insight on how it compares to the next on the list…

HIKE | Our most minimal bikini bottom. Show off your legs with our modern take on the 80’s high-cut.

  • Super Skimpy Coverage
  • High Rise Front and Back
  • 80’S High Leg

TANGA | Sun your buns in this seamless skimpy bottom that hugs your natural curves and has a flattering center back seam that shapes your bum!

  • Skimpy Coverage
  • Low Rise Front and Back
  • Flattering Center Back Seam Shapes your bum

ISLA | Its beach day every day in our classic skimpy bikini bottom that you can wear low or high on your hips.

  • Skimpy Coverage
  • Low Rise Front and Back
  • Wear hiked up or on the hip

HAWAII LO | Our sporty, super low, hip-hugging bottomis the perfect fit with just the right amount of cheeky!

  • Cheeky Coverage
  • Super Low Rise Front and Back
  • Wider sides with flattering center back seam or ruching to shape your bum

TROPIC | Our most classic bikini bottom with medium bum coverage offers a timeless and perfectly flattering fit.

  • Medium Coverage
  • Medium Rise Front and Back
  • Classic fit

LOWRIDER | Our fullest bikini bottom hugs you in all the right places, while leaving plenty to the imagination!

  • Full Coverage
  • Medium Rise Front and Back
  • Wider sides for a fuller coverage all around

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