As devoted ocean lovers, we can’t deny that we see a lot of stuff go into the sea that’s not supposed to be there. Paddling out to find plastic, trash, and debris in the lineup bums us out, but also inspires us to work on becoming part of the solution, rather than the problem.


We’re far from perfect, but it only felt right to clean up our act when it came to our pieces that spend the most time in the water: our wetsuits and swim. This year, we are proud to say that our Surf Capsule collection is kicking off what will be our new norm: stylish, timeless wetsuit designs in our Recycler neoprene.


With foam fashioned from upcycled car tires, and outer jerseys made from plastic bottles and recycled spandex, this neoprene not only looks good but does good. Water-based adhesives and Dope Dyed yarns (a process that reduces water usage by 90% compared to traditional methods) make these pieces something that should not only make you feel better about putting them in the water, but about putting them on yourself.


Once we got started with neoprene, we thought, why stop there? This Surf Capsule includes our Black Onyx swim collection, a sleek, chic capsule of effortlessly cool black and white swim in classic silhouettes. And the best thing about it? It’s made from recycled knits.


Traditional neoprene is considered to be the first form of synthetic rubber ever invented—A durable, water, sun, and wind-resistant material, the world over grabbed at the wonder-fabric and never looked back. Nor did they have to, because it’s safe to say that most of those neoprene pieces still exist today.


Neoprene isn’t biodegradable, which means it usually ends up in landfills. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet unlocked the secret to biodegradable neoprene, but we have made the decision to make our wetsuits from plastic and waste that has already been through one lifetime, saving them a trip to the landfill, and finding a new home in our wetsuits.


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