Agus Frimanto Prepares for Cloud 9
It will be the first time for Agus Frimanto, competing in the prestigious Billabong Cloud 9 Invitational in Siargao, Philippines.

What does the 17 years old do to prepare for the big event?

"I've been looking for and surfing in big waves with barrels, because that is the type of waves in Siargao - and I want to be adapted to it," said the Rookie of The Year. "I also do jogging every morning to amp my stamina."

The popular Agus also cut most of the parties with the boys. "I don't wanna go out and stay up late these days around," Agus laughed. "Getting trashed means no morning surfing the next day and that's definitely something I don't want." He paused for a moment. "I also pray every day for safety and good health."

Agus Frimanto will depart for Philippines with fellow Billabong riders Raditya Rondi and Lee Wilson. Goodluck, guys!
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