From broken boards to performance anxiety, everyone gains experience in competition. We interviewed a crew of groms to find out what they would do differently this year. After sifting through the responses (most of which involved a serious regret in entering the raw egg eating competition) we found some answers that we all should take heed of.

Occy's Grom Comp 2014

I learnt to not take out my good board out at pumping snapper and break the tail right off while pulling into a barrel. - Tane Bowden

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #2

To choose the right waves and got to know the break better.- Kian Martin

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #3

Always to surf the comp area the day before or even the morning before because the conditions can change so quickly! - Caleb Tancred

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #4

Trying different boards than what I rode last year. Billy Harrison

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #5

I've been in the Occy grom comp twice and have not made a heat.... so I'm not going to let that happen again! I'm really looking forward to catching a few waves and trying to surf good this year.- Dakota Walters

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #6

The best surfers from all over Australia come for the Occy so you need to bring your "A" game... - Luke Glover

Occy's Grom Comp 2014 #7

I learnt that I can ride a smaller thinner board than home & look for the best shape waves. Mia McCarthy

With that, check out the video from last year's event as a preview of what is coming... It’s going to be epic!


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