A Flash Back to 20th Annual Tampa Pro 2014


This time last month, I was in Tampa Florida with world-renowned skateboarders competing for the 20th Annual Tampa Pro 2014. Good ol’ memories! Simply put, it was a dream come true in my skateboarding lifetime.

To sum up my entire experience in one word, it’d be SURREAL! And perhaps a little overwhelming at times as every pro was present with their team manager.

Pro Skaters From Around The World

Pro Skaters From Around The World

During my week in Tampa, we had practice rounds for the first couple of days to get into the momentum. Honestly, seeing some of the best skateboarders – such as Max Genin from France, got me excited and wanting to do even better with my sets.

The Stage

The official competition began on Saturday, 22 March, with the Qualifiers. Check out my reel below. Wasn’t too shabby I thought ;) Purely because in my mind, it was a do or die situation!

After Qualifiers, I climbed the ladder to move onto the semi-finals!

On Sunday, 23 March, the semi-finals started. I landed all my tricks during my runs so I was pleased with my performance overall.

As an end results, I was placed 26th out of 72 Pro skateboarders around the world! You guessed it… I was STOKED!


I’d like to thank my sponsors Billabong for arranging my entire trip to Tampa Pro; S.p.o.t. Skatepark of Tampa and Bones wheels for getting me an invite to skate in Tampa Pro; Nixon, Vans, VonZipper and Voltgrip, for all the support!

Can’t wait for Tampa Pro 2015 now!

Do keep a look out for more of my updates on #BillabongAsia Facebook & Instagram pages, or my personal Instagram page @Firdaz_amsk8





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