The Fun Life – Competition After Competition

These past two months have really busy but great fun at the same time!


End September, I was in Jakarta for the 2013 Asian Championships. Great time catching up with my wakeboard friends from all over Asia. I think we spent more time goofing around, chatting over meals and skateboarding than riding in the water! Competition wise, I was pretty disappointed. I hurt my hand during the qualifying rounds and could not ride to the best of my ability thereforth. Regardless, I managed to make it to the finals but an unfortunate fall caused me my initial goal of a podium. Team Singapore did however get a silver award which was a really a cool consolation!

Guy chilling out

Come October, we had a cable competition at Ski 360 out at East Coast Park. It was a pure obstacle competition, and it was so much fun! Cable competitions are always more relaxed. I guess it’s mostly because more times than not we are all huddled around the table swapping our travel stories, new tricks and gossip!

Wakeboarding like a pro

Ski 360

East Coast Park

Anyway, I managed to come 2nd behind Daniel Grant (Pro kickass world champion cable wakeboarder and wake skater), which was surprising considering I was up against riders like Alex Leat and Mark Griffin! Oh and I took the best trick award with a double half cab roll! Walked away with $600 worth of Billabong vouchers, which was just in time for me to get my mum some cool Billabong stuff for her birthday! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!

2nd behind Daniel

2nd position

Well, for the next few months, we’re in the “off” season. I’m looking forward to meeting my grandparents in Japan this December and having my favorite ramen in Tokyo! Probably do some winter wakeboarding (brrrrrr…) and snowboard! From now till then though, I’ll be riding at Ponggol, trying to get my tricks as clean and consistent as possible while trying new stuff for next year! I’ll be posting my food and wakeboard journeys on my social media pages so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

family time


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