Back in August, my family and I travelled to Holland mainly to visit my wife’s family, but also to fulfill my long time dream to explore Amsterdam. We went all around Holland, but lived mostly in The Hague as the family house is really close to one of the country’s most famous beaches at Scheveningen. I wished I would’ve brought my surfboards to Holland because the waves were pretty fun - never knew you could surf in Holland – and I’m still really bummed about it.

There was something relatively funny that happened during my three-week stay in Holland. The family decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch one day, and suddenly from across the room, someone shouted in Behasa Indonesia “are you the surfer from Bali that rides for Billabong?!” I was in shock…mainly because whoever that was shouting was literally screaming from across the room, and, WHY WOULD ANYONE IN HOLLAND RECOGNISE ME?! Or so I thought. Apparently, I was featured on an Indonesian channel in Holland a while back, and they recognised me from the show. So happy to be able to meet some fans! Haha.

Here are some images from the trip:


westduin beach

When in Holland, you have to visit Westduin Beach. To simply put, the place is absolutely gorgeous!


Amsterdam street with many bike

The streets of Amsterdam is never short on bikes!


old kingdom 2

old kingdom 3

The old kingdom if The Hague


big bridge the hague 1

big bridge the hague 2

The Hague


old windmill

Obligatory tourist windmill shot


Scheveningan beach

Us at Scheveningan Beach


big church the hague

Church, The Hague


Amsterdam 5

Amsterdam 7

Amsterdam 8

In Amsterdam!


Madurodam Miniatur of Holland 1

Madurodam miniature park


big street in den haag.jpg

On the streets of Den Haag

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