A Visit To The Orphanage

As a Buddhist and a man who has been given so many of life’s blessings, I strongly believe in always giving back to the community and trying to create change whenever possible. And one night after my wife and I have put our son to sleep, we had one of our usual nightly chats and she brought something up, which as a family man, I must say really hit close to home.

It all started with her talking about having to always teach our son what is right and wrong, and to always be compassionate and kind to people around him. He needs to know that he is fortunate to be in a family where support is unconditional, and that no matter what the future brings, he’d always have parents who love him.

It breaks my heart to say this, but there is a large percentage of young children in Thailand who do not share the same fortune. And back in August, my wife and I decided to make a trip to an orphanage to visit. Upon our arrival, we were surprised to be greeted by a class of really energetic, wide-eyed children, who were not only polite, but also gracious and hospitable. They took us into their playroom, shared their toys with us, bombarded my wife and I countless questions, and asked how it feels to be a professional athlete. Time seems to pass by so quickly when we were there, and before we knew it, the kids were getting restless and hungry.

Thanks to my wife’s very organised time management skills, before we set off to the orphanage, she had already bought some lunch and snacks, as well as some daily necessities and toys for the kids. I have some images below of the day. I hope this inspires you guys to do the same!

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