Street Skating

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that in recent weeks, I’ve been skating the streets a little more than park sk8in. I brought my park tricks to the streets for more challenge. Security was definitely a hassle but landing tricks down gaps/challenges were way more rewarding – plus, it gave me a kick to wanting to sk8 even more! I also met my friends Hafiz from Singapore, Soerfi from Switzerland and Julian from Deutschland who were in town and down for a roll in the streets. Enjoy the pics taken and keep sk8in!

Psst..The DC team, Nyjah Huston, Matt Miller, Tommy Fynn and a couple more Pros are coming down to Singapore on the 7th of September, and there will be a demo at the Somerset Sk8park from 3pm-5pm! Definitely looking forward to that! Come down if you’re in town!!!


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