Guy Tanaka At 2013 IWWF Asian Wakeboard Cup

The month of June 2013 was a really fun month, for many reasons.

Firstly, I just recovered from a hand injury that I got last month, where I got a hairline fracture on the bone below my pinky and ring finger. That took me out of training for two and a half weeks. This injury was funny because I wasn’t wakeboarding or doing anything exciting. I simply stepped out of the shower, slipped, and landed on my knuckle, cracking the bone.

Secondly as to why the month or June was so great? I was invited to compete in the 2013 IWWF Asian Wakeboard Cup hosted in Linyi, China, which was a load of fun, and my first pro invite! Well, most of it was, the sucky part was that when we arrived in Guang Zhou from Singapore for the transit, we had to wait SEVEN HOURS in the airport at midnight. All the shops closed, there was no air conditioning and it was a very uncomfortable night!

Guy Tanaka 003

Things got better when we arrived in Linyi, though. On the day we got there, we visited the toy market and I bought a big RC Hummer that plays music, drives off-road and with flashing bling bling lights!

Guy Tanaka 007

The competition site was actually quite nice, and they had a grand opening ceremony! Water conditions was really bad though because of the high wind speeds and the course was a bit long, but I guess that kinda made up for the water being choppy.

Guy Tanaka 004

Guy Tanaka 005

Guy Tanaka 006

After the qualifying runs, I went to the toy market again! But this time with more people like my fellow riders Shannon Teng, Bomb, Mathew Christian and Bader Aljihayem. Well, after much negotiation with my dad, I bought a new RC BMW (the MI4 model)!  When we arrived back in the hotel, the Korean team (they also bought toy cars), started playing in the lobby with us and we were eventually kicked out by hotel security and forced to play outside. It was kinda embarrassing but I think the hotel staff were not used to hosting wild wakeboarders from all over Asia!


Guy Tanaka 008

Guy Tanaka 009

That same night was also Jung Insang’s birthday, one of the Korean riders. We made him drink this Chinese “medicinal” wine, which was like 90% alcohol! He got really drunk within 30 minutes! He couldn’t even count from one to five!

Overall in the competition I did considerably well, making it to the finals and coming in fifth, earning USD$1600 prize money! It was really tough with so many world class riders attending! The water conditions during the finals was crazy, with foaming whitecaps. Everyone had a hard time, but much respect to all riders to be even able to ride even in those conditions!

Guy Tanaka 010

Guy Tanaka 011

Oh, and there was a small drama coming back to Singapore! There was a miscommunication and the people at the hotel were told the flight was delayed. The flight however, was not actually delayed (thank God!) and but when we arrived in Beijing, we literally had to run to the gate to catch our flight back to Singapore because our baggage from Linyi got delayed for like 30 minutes. Kinda cutting it close on transit time but I miss my chicken rice!


Guy Tanaka 002

Well lastly, on why June was such a great month is because I am finally off school for the summer holidays! Woohoo! More wakeboard and competition season has started! Four competitions in four countries over the next two months! Wish me the best!

- Guy Tanaka

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