Firdaus At Kia World Extreme Games 2013

Hello Everyone,

Early last month, on 8 - 13 June to be exact, I made my way to Shanghai, China for the Kia World Extreme Games 2013 where I participated in the Skateboarding Open Category together with my brothers Feroze Rahman and Farris Rahman. Pros athletes like Tulio Oliveria from Brazil, Manny Santiago from USA, and Ryan Decenzo from Canada were also there to battle it out for top spot.

Firdaus 009

8 June: We had our practice and were supposed to have our Qualifiers on the 9th, however due to the weather, the Qualifiers was postponed to the 11th.

10 June: Me, Feroze Rahman, Farris Rahman, Jay Choi (Korea Redbull Skateboarder) and Bobby (our friend from Shanghai who owns a skateboarding class and shop named Eggplant Skate shop) went Street and got a few clips.

Firdaus 004

Firdaus 006

Firdaus 003

Firdaus 002

Firdaus 008

11 June: Day of the Qualifiers. Back to business. About 20+ athletes took part but only 10 Athletes qualified for the finals. I had aimed to qualify for the finals but was blessed to do better, and positioned 2nd during my run. Also blessed that both my brothers qualified as well.

Firdaus 010

Firdaus 011

Firdaus 007

12 June: Practice and finals were super intense, as each skateboarder were given three runs, 45 seconds each. I didn’t land the Krooked Grind on the 12-stair rail, and didn’t do as well as I want to during the finals. It was pretty upsetting but hey, I still feel incredibly blessed that skateboarding has brought me around the World!

Firdaus 005

Firdaus 012



1st - Ryan Decenzo [Canada] (Redbull, Nixon, Darkstar, Globe, and Neff)

2nd - Manny Santiago (Grizzly, Famous, Axion, and Rockstar)

3rd - Tulio Oliveria (Mountain Dew)

4th - Li Zhi Xing [China]

5th - Kevin Chen [Taipei] (Nike SB)

6th - Firdaus Rahman [Singapore] (Billabong, Vans, Sotong Skateboards, VonZipper, and Nixon)

7th - Jonnie Tang [Hong Kong] (Nike SB)

8th - Feroze Rahman [Singapore] (Vans, and Sotong Skateboards)

9th - Mi Hsiao Chun [China]

10th - Farris Rahman [Singapore] (Redbull, Vans, and Sotong Skateboards)

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