Alfian Affandi Tells Us Why The All Day Series' His Choice Fit

Even before I became part of the Billabong team, I have always been a fan of its products. And one of the main reasons’ because Billabong always has its athletes and the environment in mind when producing its series of threads.

The use of recycled material in a pair of boardshorts is really a cool idea. I’m a big fan of going green, and for Billabong to have fronted such technology makes me even more proud and honoured to be part of the team. Also, the boardshorts they have created are great for pro athletes who have to wear the products constantly to train. The material used in its boardshorts’ light and very stretchy, which is a key component to seamless maneuvering in water!

In all honesty, I usually opt for shorter length boardshorts as it goes with my personal styling better. But ever since I’ve tried on the Transverse boardshorts – which is 22 inches in length – I must say, I do appreciate it protecting my knees from abrasion.

But no matter where you are, or how you wear it, the All Day series’ really comfortable. At the beach, downtown or at home…the style suits all occasions. And besides, it does look pretty classy!


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