Rahtu Suargita Spits Mean Rhymes

Hi Guys, how are you? I’m on a mood swing but it happens to be one that is finally taking on a good direction. I’ve been so sick when I was in Mentawai for the Rip Curl Pro. Now that I’m got back to my domain, I’m definitely feeling much better. I just love Bali, and I missed my girlfriend a lot when I was away. Might be why I was (love) sick. Hahahahahhaha.

Anyway, the past few days have been filled with anticipation. I had been waiting for the arrival of my brand new iMAC 21 inch, and when it finally arrived, I immediately started editing my first video clip on it.

It’s a homemade music video of the first hip-hop song I wrote 6 years ago with the help of my musician friend (his name is Dista, a music genius and is also the lead singer of the band DiSCOTIONPILL. You guys should definitely check it out!). The song’s titled “Aku”, which means “Me” or “I” in Bahasa Indonesia.

I LOVE my new machine. Always make you creative when you’re bored. Haha. Without further adieu, here’s the videoclip that I directed, filmed and edited by myself. Please do not hesitate to give me your comments on it!


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