Guy Tanaka Reviews The Billabong PX and Recyler Boardshorts Series

The Billabong PX and Recycler boardshort series’ honestly one of THE BEST boardshorts I have ever worn.

For starters, the series’ environmentally friendly (around 25 PET bottles are put into a pair of these boardies!) which is always a good thing! Secondly, since they come equipped with a special H2 Repel Coating, they are also very light as they don’t absorb much water and dry in super speed. If you’re new to boardshorts, traditional ones get really heavy when wet, and because they don’t dry quick enough, it’d make you prone to really bad boardshort rash too – which, believe me, isn’t ideal at all.

Also, since the PX series come in perfect lengths of 19 – 21 inches, which is one thing that I look for in a pair of boardshorts. These boardshort have also helped with my riding, or rather made it easier for me to ride. Why? Well, some reasons are because the PX has four-way stretch technology, which enables better movability when you’re doing that jump or big turns.

I highly recommend them and I would give them a personal rating of 10/10. Don’t believe me? Go grab a pair from one of the Billabong shops and try them out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Invert Camo

Iconic Magenta


Muted Floral

Sweet Tooth


Invert Neo Blue

Pelly II

Click here to view the entire Recycler Series Collection!


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