'A' Team Visits Bali

On 10 April 2013, Sasha Stocker, Ryan Callinan, Taj Burrow, and 2012 ASP Surf Champion, Joel Parkinson paid me a visit in Bali, and from there (along with a whole lot of camera men), we en route on a 50-minute plane ride and a 2 hour road trip to Sumbawa.

Being passionate surfers, you can expect that once we got to our hotels, we dropped everything, got our boards and went straight out for a surf. Despite a really tiring journey to Sumbawa, we surfed for hours…till our muscles ached. That very same night was Parko’s big 3-2 birthday too! And there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a good ‘ol Aussie barbe.

Surf on the second day was pretty average…but nonetheless fun. It wasn’t till our third day in Sumbawa did the swell pick up. It was absolutely amazing! We were all frothing, surfing perfect waves hours after hours for the entire day, everyone was stoked and we managed to get sick photos and videos.

This trip was a short one, but admittedly, this is by far the best trip I have EVER had! Surfing with world champion Joel Parkinson, my surfing idols Taj Burrow and Ryan Callinan; it was truly an honor and an experience!

Pumping waves and great people always make a surf trip a great one to remember.





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